Hi, I’m Curtis Alexander.

I’m a lot of things: dad, husband, pharmacist, natural health nut and a guy who thinks that no matter what your age or life situation you can improve if you make the decision to.

That’s essentially what I’m doing here: living my life. Trying to improve. And sharing my story with you as I go.

I write from my personal experience in most cases. Or deep research in others.

I stay away from talking about things I haven’t done or know little about.

That sounds glaringly obvious but there are plenty of charlatans online who will gladly fool you into thinking differently.

In addition to writing about things I either have personally done or know a lot about – I also do my best to give you the good points as well as the bad.

My successes and my failures.

I don’t have all the answers. I have a lot to learn and look forward to sharing that with you along the way.

Thanks in advance,