The tagline here is Better Health For Smart People.

What does that mean?

Simple. I don’t think any one ‘camp’ has everything figured out.

Go to a typical mainstream doc and they may recommend eating based off the food pyramid even though the whole country is getting fatter and seeing record levels of chronic diseases. But hop on any number of the ‘natural’ guru type websites and you’ll be inundated with recommendations to go on extreme diets or take unproven and sometimes dangerous supplements.

I was also a copywriter for the natural health field for a while. If you don’t know what a copywriter is – basically it’s someone who uses the written word to sell things.

Selling supplements is a HUGE market with a lot of demand. Because of that companies will try to push anything – even if there isn’t a lot of evidence supporting their product. A lot of times they end up wanting to make grand claims without anything to back it up.

It just didn’t feel right trying to sell stuff I didn’t personally believe in or use … so I got out even though the money was good.

My experiences and background give me a pretty unique perspective. I try to give you upfront and honest answers.

I use a combination of my personal experience as a pharmacist, any studies that might be available and feedback from people who’ve actually tried things and told me about them.

I try to take a smarter approach to things. Because I’m a pharmacist I’ve got one foot in the more traditional medicine camp. But because I’ve seen great results taking more control of my health I understand the importance and effectiveness of natural methods as well.